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Welcome to the Official PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary Destination!

  • [Important] Notice of Service Termination

    We must regretfully inform all users of the following game titles, that service will be terminated as of 3/30/2015 .
    We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this application.

    Service termination
    *Upon service termination, guarantees of operation no longer apply.
    *The dates and times given above may be changed without prior notice.
    Please continue to enjoy over the time remaining until service termination.

    Title list

    PAC-CHOMP! iOS/Google Play/amazon
    PAC-CHAIN Compact iOS
    =10 Google Play
  • Fan Q&A with Mr. Iwantani – Your Top 10 Questions Answered!


    What was it that made you first think about creating PAC Man? Did you just randomly think about it and boom you created him or was it a work in progress and if so what steps did you have to go through in order to create him? (via Sophie Louise Cadman)

    Mr. Iwatani: Back then, the popular games in the Japanese arcade game centers were mainly alien shooting games. The arcades were filled with male players. I wanted to brighten up the atmosphere by drawing in women and couples. For that to happen, there needed to be a game for that audience. When it came to women’s interests, I thought of concepts based on fashion and love stories but ultimately ended up with the idea of “eating”. While brainstorming on the idea of “eating”, I picked up a slice of pizza and saw the shape of what was to become PAC-MAN. The idea flourished into the chomping motion, enemy ghosts, and into a maze game.

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  • PAC-MAN Wallpaper by Katsuya Terada

    Check out artist Katsuya Terada’s original illustration for PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary. PAC-MAN shines like a full moon on the dark night sky. Read More »

  • G4 Presents Videogame Deathmatch: PAC-MAN vs.
    Need for Speed

    Welcome to a whole new brand of March Madness!

    With one question–What is the best videogame franchise of all time?–G4 has set off a chain reaction of vicious debate. Now it’s up to you, the fans, to crown a king through a series of Videogame Deathmatches.

    Round one brings us a marquee match-up, as fans will need to choose which franchise is better: PAC-MAN vs. Need For Speed. Read More »
  • The Chase is on with PAC-MAN in the new
    Wendy’s Kid’s Meal!

    Hey Moms and Kids!  Our favorite pellet-munching guy, PAC-MAN is back!  Starting March 7, go to your local Wendy’s and chomp on a Wendy’s Kids’ Meal. Each meal will include one of five exclusive PAC-MAN toys:

    PACMAN Wendys Toys

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