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Wendy’s Kid’s Meal!

The Chase is on with PAC-MAN in the new
Wendy’s Kid’s Meal!

Hey Moms and Kids!  Our favorite pellet-munching guy, PAC-MAN is back!  Starting March 7, go to your local Wendy’s and chomp on a Wendy’s Kids’ Meal. Each meal will include one of five exclusive PAC-MAN toys:

PACMAN Wendys Toys

PAC-MAN Hide & Seek – PAC-MAN is always on the move! Take turns hiding PAC-MAN under one of the Ghosts and shuffling the Ghosts around to confuse other players. Where’s PAC-MAN? The player that guesses right gets their turn to hide PAC-MAN!
PAC-MAN Wendy's Hide and Seek

PAC-MAN Bowling – Set ‘em upand knock ‘em down! Wind-up PAC-MAN and aim for the paper ghost and fruit targets. Can you knock them all down?
PAC-MAN Wendy's Bowling

PAC-MAN Tag Game – Get ready to chase or be chased with the PAC-MAN Tag Game! Toy includes 1 PAC-MAN and 3 Ghost tags. Players can clip on a tag to play 3 active, exciting games thatwill get everybody up and moving around!
PAC-MAN Wendy's Tag

PAC-MAN Dash Game – Pull PAC-MAN back, and set him free. Which way will he go? You’ll just have to see! Wind-up PAC-MAN and try to avoid the coloredGhosts or knock over the “turn-to-blue” Ghosts to win!
PAC-MAN Wendy's Dash Game

PAC-MAN Maze Craze – It’s a race to collect the fruit as you roll the die and move around the game board. But Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will try to keep you from moving around the board and collecting your fruit. The game includes all the pieces and instructions for 1-4 player games.
PAC-MAN Wendy's Maze

These toys will disappear like Ghosts so be the first out of your friends and family to collect all 5! For more info, check out:  www.wendyskids.com

But that’s not all! Inside each Wendy’s Kids’ Meal is a coupon code to get $1.00 off the original PAC-MAN on the PC so the whole family can enjoy the world’s most popular arcade game. To redeem your code, go to:  www.pacman.com/wendys.

  • Andreas

    Hey ! I am from Finland so i can’t realy support Wendy’s but still i can say that i love the idea. Show the kids thease days the realy legendary game spirit! Keep up the good work ;)

  • Tiffany

    I must have this O.O

  • alexis

    i like all of them even the maze one and the tag,dash,hide and bowling one 2

  • dustin


  • Shane

    Best thing ever Yahoo

  • Cynthia Spanton

    Yes, when are you going to bring Wendy’s to the UK? My husband said there used to be one at an airport and it’s not there anymore. If they can can McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, why not my husband’s favorite, the superior Wendy’s? Even if you tried it once and it failed, I’ll bet it wouldn’t now. We ate there several times on our last visit to the States and miss it so much. I’m from the States originally, so I grew up with it. I also want the Pac-Man toys! :-)

  • Jason

    Really? Cool!



  • matthew

    I like wendys!

  • matthew

    I,ve played pacman for years.

  • cassidy

    it is so cool when you are pacman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dantebailes


  • dantebailes


  • dantebailes


  • nolan

    i love them so much i play pacman on my phone i love them :)

  • jordan

    i want all 5 pac-man toys

  • shannon

    i love wendys amd the food is great and i love the toys!

  • Your Name

    I love go to wendys I love the chilli

  • nicholas

    me too i like all of them even the maze one and the tag,dash,hide and bowling one 2

  • Diamondcrystal

    I wish pacman had a girlfriend,Don’t you?!

  • P.S.

    My mom loves pacman to!!

  • Hailey

    I REALLY like to play pacman on the computer! It is really fun! And now I can get the toys at wendys! That is really cool! What kind of toy will wendys have next. I can’t wait to know!

    P.S. My mom loves pacman too.

  • Kevin

    Wow I would like to collect them all.

  • Riley

    Awsome! I already have some!

  • Alexia

    I love your toys they are cool ,how many toys do you have.

  • lilli

    I got the one with the bowling

  • izabel

    i love PacMan toys I have the tag game!!

  • Pamela

    Cool. I have one and it’s the Pac Man Maze Craze.

  • Justin

    I love pacman!

  • Randall

    I enjoy this game to the fullest!

  • Zack

    the toys are awesome ps pacman rocks

  • Dejah

    OMG I love Pac-man!!! I like Blinky,Inky,Pinky,Clide,and of course Pac-man. Pac-man Party time!!!!

  • Daniele

    Hey I have the videogame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • samantha

    I have the Pac-Man Dash one :)

  • awesomeman

    I have maze craze! it makes me CRAZY

  • maliery

    hi i love your guyses toys and stuff :)(:….???????????

  • hansam

    it rocks over the tater tots!

  • wilki

    u r d best

  • Mykenzie

    i love pacman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love Blinky,Inky,Pinky, and Clyde!!!! and i cant forget Pacman and Mrs.pacman

  • Pacman

    smile :)

  • David

    I love this website because it has alot of pac-man games.

  • David

    I dont have all of the toys but I do have the bowling one and i wish i get all of them.

  • Luke

    i Love pacman tag game and bowLing but not maze craze

  • Luke

    i Love pacman tag game and bowLingand pacman hide and seek

  • daniele

    I once saw advertismant on baby pacman.It was sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael

    i love pacman

  • Alexa

    I got the pacman hide and seek it is awsome/cute I love pacman

  • Tyler

    I like PAC MAN!!!

  • matthew.p

    hellow i like pacman games

  • regina marie bangcoro

    i love wendys

  • amber

    I love PAC-MAN i have the video game!!!!! it is very very very very very fun

  • Jordan

    Wendy’s Kids

  • jay


  • Lorenzo

    Aww… I’m too old for kids meals!!! Why not sell them Namco? I know you wouldn’t, but having an official Pac-Man board for 10 bucks is something I would like to have…

  • abdullah abu aish

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow this does rock

  • kichamp

    hahahaha oh pacman you inspire such love in people

  • Janybeth

    i love pacman tooooo!it rocks


    I LOVE PACMAN….!!!!¡¡¡¡
    ^^ ^_^

  • kechup

    this is awsome

  • ashley

    pacman u r awsome. p.s i am big fan.

  • skylar andrew

    i love pac-man.good game.

  • rafael

    i like pacman board game

  • Dallas Glassco

    can the pac man toys be moved to mcdounld’s soon?

  • robert

    i love wendys and pacman

  • joseph

    cool i want them all and the food