Download this wallpaper which is based on the illustration drawn by Mitsuru Sugaya. Would you like to decorate your PC with PAC-MAN that Arashi controls?


About the artist:

The second artist is a cartoonist and novelist, Mitsuru Sugaya, who is famous for the cartoon, “Game Center Arashi (eng: Game Arcade, Arashi)” This amazing art piece depicts PAC-MAN controlled by Arashi getting Ghosts!

Game Center Arashi is a popular Japanese character about a young boy named Arashi Ishino who is obsessed with playing video games.


Q: Have you played “Pac-Man” before? If you have, please tell us your memories from when you played.

A: Yes, Yes! Right after PAC-MAN was released, I played until I almost got tired of it. Mostly, I played at coffee shops. At that time, I was working on my drawings of “Game center Arashi” at the coffee shop. Since most coffee shops have the table type game machines and I couldn’t help playing. Therefore, I couldn’t work. I would break a 1000 yen bill to 100 yen coins, and pile up the coins on the table to play. I remember that it took a lot of time to clear the first stage.

Because of that, my work was always delayed. Around the time that PAC-MAN was released, most coffee shops were like arcades. It was difficult to find a coffee shop that had no arcade machines.

When the PC version was released, I also purchased that and played it. Also, since the game “Game Center Arashi ~ PAC-MAN world Competition~ “, by Bandai Namco Games, includes “PAC-MAN”, was available on the popular Japan internet service i-mode, I sometimes played the game on my cell phone. However, it is difficult to play with the cell phone screen now because of my aging eyesight.

Q: Please tell us the theme of this work.

A: “Game Center Arashi” is a character that you can assimilate into its game world or the character. Of course, your mind is assimilated into the character you control. I drew this illustration to imagine that Arashi’s mind assimilates into PAC-MAN’s. Anyone who plays PAC-MAN must throw themselves into PAC-MAN. Of course, I did, too.

Q: Please let us know what you were feeling when using PAC-MAN as the inspiration of this work.

A: I thought of what Arashi would see in his mind if he was drawing this illustration. I imagined that 2D game became 3D in his mind. I wanted to convey that image to people when they see this illustration.


SUGAYA, Mitsuru

Born in 1950 / Cartoonist / Novelist

1950 Born in Fuji City, Shizuoka. Went to Tokyo to be a cartoonist after graduating from a high school.

In 1971, debuted as a cartoonist of “Kamen Rider” ( Author: Shotaro Ishinomori)

In 1983 “Game Center Arashi” and “Konnichiwa Mycon received Shogakukan Manga Award. After that, wrote many information comics for adults.

In 1994, re-debuted as a writer of fiction war stories. Currently work as a cartoonist and novelist. Also currently enrolled in Master’s Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University, majoring in educational technology.

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