PAC-MAN Typo GraffitiThe PAC-MAN’s Maze is the experimental work from the “Typo Graffiti Unit,” “Dai Nippon Typo Kumiai,” a group that searches for new artistic concepts within the worlds of letters and words. Their idea of repurposing PAC-MAN’s maze into a well-balanced font will amaze you!



Q: Have you played “PAC-MAN” before? If you have, please tell us your memories from when you played.

A: I used to hang around the arcade near my house when I was an elementary student. At that time, it was 50 yen per play. If I brought a limited-edition 10 yen that was engrailed, they would change it to 50 yen, so I looked for that 10 yen hard. That engrailed 10 yen was like a power cookie. Also, I recall playing “PAC-LAND” in the game corner at the Yokohama Dream Land amusement park.

Q: Please tell us the theme of this work…

A: It’s PAC-MAN for PAC-MAN by PAC-MAN. No matter where PAC-MAN runs, PAC-MAN is nobody but PAC-MAN. That said, he doesn’t realize it. But with an overview of himself, he can finally realize that he is PAC-MAN.

Q: Please describe how you used PAC-MAN as the inspiration for this work.

A: My work here was focused on the motif of the maze, rather than PAC-MAN himself.

Q: PAC-MAN celebrated his 30th anniversary on May 22, 2010. Do you have any message for him regarding his celebration?
A: Please pay attention to what you eat, and you will live longer!


Dai Nippon Typo Kumiai

  • Formed 1993
    Formed by Hidechika, a man with a beard but no last name, and Tetsuya Tsukada, a man with a last name but no beard.
    Hidechika and Tsukada formed the experimental typo graffiti unit to discover new concepts by breaking letters apart and restructuring them. The unit has been at it, playing with letters for the last 17 years. They have held personal exhibitions in London and Tokyo, and participate in shows held in Barcelona and Tokyo.
  • 2003
    To commemorate their 10th anniversary, the group held an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain for their work collection entitled, “TYPE CARD PLAY BOOK,” which was published at the same time.
  • 2007
    “TOYPOGRAPHY, ” a set of building blocks containing letters capable of converting Kanji to English to Picture-form, was released from KOKUYO S&T. Co., Ltd.
  • 2008In commemoration of the group’s 15th anniversary, Dai Nippon Typo Kumiai published a dictionary of letters entitled, “Dainipponji,” defining who they are and what they aim to represent and accomplish with their art.

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