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During PAC-MAN’s official birthday party at E3, former CEO of Marvel Studios and current executive advisor for NAMCO BANDAI, Avi Arad, debuted his latest project, a 3D TV pilot on PAC-MAN, where the iconic character is portrayed as the reluctant hero.

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    i love it

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    i want to get one

  • Ian Isberto

    I wish that Cartoon Network gets the rights for the new Pac-Man TV series in the future. :)

  • Tyler Hargrove

    So Pac-Man’s going back on TV? If he is,I can’t wait to see it!

  • EF Mell

    When will the Pac Man tv series premiere in the US?

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Interesting Facts

Did you know?
The original name of PAC-MAN on release was PUCK-MAN. It was later changed for U.S. translation.