The game is based off of a 1992 arcade release, "Cosmo Gang The Puzzle," which was reborn with PAC-MAN characters.
The game was released in the US under the title, "Pac-Attack," which was later included in "PAC-MAN Collection" and "Namco Anthology 2," both released in Japan.

In Japan

Kenzaburo Oe receives the Nobel Prize in Literature. Sony Computer Entertainment launches the PlayStation console. Kansai International Airport opens to the public. The Prime Minister's Official Residence's official webpage goes live.
「Susume! Denpa Shounen」, 「Tamori No Super Vocabular Tengoku」, 「Homeless Child」
「Forrest Gump」, 「Speed」, 「Schindler's List」
Mr. CHILDREN「Innocent World」, Kohmi Hirose 「Romance No Kamisama」, Ryoko Shinohara 「Itoshisato Setsunasato Kokoro Zuyosato」


Game Boy Advance ("Pac-Attack" playable in PAC-MAN Collection) PlayStation ("Pac-Attack" playable in Namco Anthology 2)