Players can use the original PAC-MAN in Classic Mode.
There's a Master Key that can open any door that is acquired once the player gains more than 765,000 points in Quest Mode (1,000,000 points in the US version).

In Japan

The 11 countries under the European Union (aka EU) adopt the new currency, "euro." Japanese professional wrestling legend, Giant Baba passes away. Portugal transfers the sovereignty over Macau to China. The Y2K Problem becomes the focus of attention.
「Unsolved Cases」, 「Mr. Kimpachi in Class 3B 」
「Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace」, 「The Matrix」, 「Tetsudouin (Poppoya)」
Kentaro Hayami & Ayumi Shigemori 「Dango San Kyoudai」, Hikaru Utada 「Automatic」, Ayumi Hamasaki 「Boys&Girls」, Morning Musume 「LOVE Machine」