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Thank you for your continued support for “PAC-MAN 99”.

“PAC-MAN 99”, which was available as a Nintendo Switch Online(*1) subscriber bonus, ended its online service at 23:59 on Sunday, October 8, 2023.
For those who own the “Deluxe Pack” or “Mode Unlock” paid additional contents, you can continue to enjoy the CPU BATTLE, BLIND TIME ATTACK and SCORE ATTACK in offline mode, even after the termination of the online service.
The “PAC-MAN 99” theme can also be used in offline mode.
Previously purchased contents can be re-downloaded even after the termination of the online service.

*Nintendo Switch Online is a paid subscription service owned by Nintendo.
For more details on Nintendo Switch Online, please refer to:

The game is free to play for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers who own a Nintendo Switch™.

■A 99 players online battle royale, PAC-MAN!
PAC-MAN, a milestone in the world of video games that has celebrated its 40th anniversary! 99 players battle royale is now available featuring the iconic ghost of PAC-MAN! Join the battle royale and be the last one standing!

■Switch between eight strategies and send "Jammer PAC-MAN" at your opponent!
When you eat a power cookie, the ghost transforms into a blue "Frightened Ghosts." If you bite a Frightened Ghost, you can send "Jammer PAC-MAN" to your opponent’s way for each bite.
Bite into the long "ghost train" and aim for a big comeback!

By switching between the four "strategies" on the left and right sides of the screen, you can speed up your PAC-MAN and send more Jammer PAC-MAN. Switch your strategy according to the situation to gain a slight advantage over your rivals.

■Change the look and feel of nostalgic "Namco Classic Games"!
By purchasing the additional DLC, you can change the theme to a game screen that resembles "Xevious," "GALAGA," "Dig Dug," and more.
There are a total of 20 classic themes available for purchase. Pay attention not only to the screens but also to the sounds that switch between them!
Find the classic title that suits you best.

Get the complete experience by purchasing the “PAC-MAN 99 Deluxe Pack!” available now!

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