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Collaboration of BOAT RACE and PAC-MAN! Website promotion for daily entries to win gorgeous collaboration prizes

In conjunction with the “Midnight Boat Race,” which will be held five times during fiscal year 2021 by the Boat Race Promotion Association, a web promotion will be ran to win gorgeous prizes while enjoying a game in collaboration with “PAC-MAN.

The first promotion will be held from midnight on Tuesday, October 19 to 23:59 on Monday, October 25.

This promotion is a series of five promotions that will be held in conjunction with the Midnight Boat Race.

If you post on Twitter with a hashtag of PAC-MAN’s moves (attack from inside, attack from outside, etc.) on an original stage inspired by a boat race track, you will receive a reply with the results on the spot.  If you successfully escape from ghosts, you will get an Amazon gift certificate. You can apply once a day during the campaign period.



Plus, you get a second chance at the daily challenge!  If you connect the daily keywords sent with the replies of the results and enter them in the application form, you will receive a gorgeous collaboration prize that will be your “good accompaniment for midnight”!

Don’t miss not only the collaboration products but also the different game stages for each promotion!


■Promotion Dates

【Part 1】 October 19, 2021 (Tue) Midnight ~ October 25, 2021 (Mon) 11:59pm

【Part 2】 December 1, 2021 (Wed) Midnight ~ December 7, 2021 (Tue) 11:59pm

【Part 3】 December 10, 2021 (Sun) Midnight ~ December 24, 2021 (Sat) 11:59pm

【Part 4】 January 5, 2022 (Wed) Midnight ~  January 9, 2022 (Sun) 11:59pm

【Part 5】 January 26, 2022 (Wed) Midnight ~  January 31, 2022 (Mon) 11:59pm



■Promotion Summary

□Title : Participate every day and Challenge “Midnight PAC-MAN”!


□Entry Period:Same as the promotion period

□Number of Winners: 685 people

□Winning Prizes:AmazonCertificates

【Part 1】\1,000 ×300 people

【Part 2】\2,000 ×150 people

【Part 3】\3,000 ×100 people

【Part 4】\4,000 ×75 people

【Part 5】\5,000 ×60 people

□How To Apply

  • Follow official account of DYNAMITE BOATRACE(@Lets_BOATRACE)
  • Choose one of the hashtags from the promotion posts posted by the DYNAMITE BOAT RACE official account every day and tweet it.
  • You will receive a reply with the results.


■Promotion Summary 2

□Title:A second chance with daily challenges! You’ll win great prizes of “a good accompaniment for midnight”!


□Entry Period:Same as the promotion period

□Number of Winners:210 people

□Winning Prizes:

【Part 1】Original pajamas                                 ×50 people

【Part 2】Original Speakers                        ×50 people

【Part 3】Original Tokuri (Sake bottole) & Choko (Sake Cup)            ×50 people

【Part 4】Original Cushion                        ×50 people

【Part 5】Original Neon Light                                                              ×10 people

□How To Apply

  • Follow official account of DYNAMITE BOATRACE (@Lets_BOATRACE)

Connect the daily keywords in the replies to ”Participate every day and Challenge “Midnight PAC-MAN”!” and enter them in the application form (5 times in total).