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PAC-MAN COMMUNITY Exits Beta, Surpasses 6 Million Players and 16,000 UGC Mazes in First Four Months!

PAC-MAN COMMUNITY (PMC), the exclusive Facebook Gaming social adaptation of the all-time arcade classic, is officially launching and adding new features and functionality after a very successful four-month open beta period. The game’s publisher Genvid Entertainment announced that during the 18 weeks of open beta, the game attracted over six million players and saw more than 16,000 user-created mazes published. Genvid also announced the addition of new features including community achievements, a Clock Mode and AI companions.


Further, the company announced PAC-MAN COMMUNITY Cares, a charitable initiative focused on giving back to gaming-related nonprofit organizations. The first PMC Cares project involved providing direct game development experience to a group of underserved youths from the New York Video Game Critics Circle making custom mazes.


“PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is unique among the many iterations and adaptations of our flagship game, as it offers so many ways to share and connect with PAC-MAN. From the fun and excitement of playing with friends to the sharing of mazes you build yourself – even the ability to work together to help or hinder PAC-MAN in Watch Mode, it’s a truly collaborative and communal interpretation of the original solo experience that so many generations have enjoyed for more than forty years.


Featuring a fast-paced 2-4 player Co-op Mode, easy-to-use maze creator, the ability for fans to jump directly into their favorite Facebook Gaming creator’s matches and more, PAC-MAN COMMUNITY now adds several new features including:

●Communal Achievements: A new collective achievements system tracks progress in the Watch Mode and unlocks new features in the maze creator when key milestones are reached, giving the entire community more and different ways to build and embellish user-created mazes. Achievement categories include:
– Power pellets, ghosts, and fruits eaten
– Warp tunnels used
– Mazes completed


●AI Companions: Co-op Mode players now have the option to start games instantly with AI-driven PAC-MAN characters replacing one or more human teammates.


●Clock: The new clock feature offers a timely way to follow the AI action in the unique, audience-influenced Watch Mode, where the entire community can help or hinder PAC-MAN or his ghostly enemies in real-time, 24/7.




*Please note PAC-MAN Community has concluded on February 5th, 2023 (February 4th, PST).


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