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PAC-MAN-inspired sweet recipes, perfect for homemade Valentine’s Day treats💛

We’re introducing PAC-MAN-inspired sweet recipes, perfect for homemade Valentine’s Day treats🍫.
Cornflake Chocolate, which is easy to make… and tasty!✨

Cornflake chocolate (Makes 6 x 8cm hearts)


●100g chocolate
●80g cornflakes
●Sugar and arazan for decoration, to your liking
●Chocolate pens (yellow, pink, red, light blue, orange, white)


When using a knife, please be careful not to hurt yourself. Children should make these with a parent or guardian.

1) Make PAC-MAN and Ghosts chocolates using chocolate pens softened in a hot water bath and leave to cool.

2) Put the chopped chocolate in a bowl and melt it in a hot water bath.

3) Put the cornflakes in a bag and rub them lightly to make them fine.

4) When the chocolate has melted, remove the bowl from the boiling water, add the cornflakes and mix well with a spoon.

5)Place a cookie sheet on a chopping board.

6)Put the cornflake chocolate mix in a heart-shaped cookie cutter and flatten it with a spoon.

7)Gently remove the cookie cutter and add your favorite decorations or PAC-MAN and Ghost chocolate.

8)Repeat the above steps to use up your remaining chocolate.

9)Allow your creation 30 minutes to harden in the refridgerator before it’s ready to serve ✨.

Feel free to get creative! Strawberry, chocolate, or white chocolate can also be used ✨.
We’d love to see your sweet PAC-MAN creations, feel free to share pictures with us on Social 💛!